It’s About Time™

If a hostile situation occurs where you cannot quickly and safely flee, you need to protect yourself, your coworkers, or your students.  If you cannot get out, BEARACADE®.

When it comes to lockdown safety, time is critical.  Quickly and effectively barricading a door allows time for police response, protects the occupants inside, and, potentially, saves lives.

Very importantly, when you are not in a lockdown, BEARACADE® allows all doors to remain compliant with building, fire, and life safety codes.

BEARACADE® is designed to provide you time.  Time to quiet and calm the occupants.  Time to prepare for next steps.  Time for the good guys to get there.  It’s About Time™.

Developed by concerned parents, school administrators, and first responders.

BEARACADE® is the ONLY lockdown solution selected by Campus Safety Magazine as 2014 BEST Physical Security Equipment!

Click here to see how BEARACADE® works.

 The ONLY Lockdown Barricade System Chosen!    

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