How the Bearacade® and B2™ Work

As an Automated External Defibrillator is to sudden cardiac arrest, a Fire Extinguisher is to fire, and an EpiPen® is to dangerous allergic reactions, Bearacade® is the civilian response to a hostile intruder before professional safety forces arrive. Sadly, such incidents are occurring. As parents, administrators, teachers, safety experts, and business professionals, we set out to make an intelligent additional layer of safety.

It’s All About Time.  According to the F.B.I. and US Department of Homeland Security, the average active shooter or hostile intruder event lasts 11.5 minutes. Average police response time is 12 to 18 minutes. So much terror and many casualties can occur before police arrive. Your staff needs to be able to protect themselves, their coworkers, and their students. It could be an active shooter, a hostile intruder, a domestic violence situation, or a workplace dispute. You need to be prepared. Getting out and getting away is best. If you cannot quickly and clearly evacuate, Bearacade® is an option well worth the minimal investment. It could be just peace of mind.  It could be much, much more valuable.

What is Bearacade®?

Bearacade® fits quickly and easily on any interior door to prevent the door from opening in either direction. The unit features reflective markings (External Notification Panel) on the outer facing portion to signal to authorities and administrators that the device has been deployed.

Once in place, the patented Bearacade® device can withstand 4,800 pounds of external force and only requires one pre-drilled hole in the floor … no mounted hardware, no plates, no hidden lock, no trip hazard.

Lightweight, easy to store and quick to deploy, Bearacade® is ideal for classrooms, offices, doors without locks, and any other possible shelter-in-place location. Bearacade® fits perfectly with any response protocol and training you are using when it comes to sheltering in place.

Critical design considerations for both devices focused on:

  • complying with the International Fire Code;
  • no changes to any door or door frame that would nullify the fire-rating of the door system;
  • not being a permanently-mounted operating mechanism of the door;
  • not being able to be deployed secretly to further aide in harassment, bullying, assault, or some other safety concern;
  • not introducing a possible weapon into a room;
  • not being a trip hazard;
  • not requiring complex motions or a special sequence of steps to deactivate;
  • ability to gain entry by administration and safety forces;
  • only works on the doors you choose and only in the correct direction;
  • and, not requiring special strength to deploy or deactivate.

Are you prepared?

Deploys easily in 3 to 8 seconds.

Weighs just 2 pounds. Withstands 4,800lbf.

Impact, ballistic, and flammability tests show units remain functionally intact.

Safety forces and administration can gain entry.

One solution for inward/outward-swinging doors. Simple In-Service Training.

No permanently mounted hardware. Maintains fire rating of doorway. One motion deactivation.

External Notification Panel™ alerts & guides. No secret block to conceal bullying, assault, or harassment.

Selected BEST Physical Security Equipment by Campus Safety Magazine in 2014, 2015, and 2016!

An affordable solution for all organizations.

One part of a comprehensive plan. A valuable option.

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