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A narrow-minded approach to lockdowns may make your offices and classrooms less safe.  Learn more.

Protected: NYSITS

Quarantine Door Hang Tags

Room Sanitized and Ready Door Tags

Two-Sided Room Status Card

Bearacade® Lockdown Response System

B2™ Lockdown System for Inward-Opening Doors

Room Cleared Door Tags

Lockout Notification Magnet

Building Safety Signs – Windows

External Building Safety Signs – Wing Signs

External Building Safety Signs – Exterior Doors

“Our students are significantly more safe with Bearacade.”

K-12 Superintendent, Enrollment 4,941

“Bearacade is another tool, another piece of the arsenal we give to our staff members to make the building safe.”

K-12 Business Director, Enrollment 3,952

“Bearacade is a very cost-effective way to potentially save a lot of lives in a very bad situation.  You can’t really put a price on that.”

K-12 Superintendent, Enrollment 16,582

“Bearacade is very simple to use.  In the event we have an active shooter or intruder, it keeps them out of our classrooms.”

K-12 Superintendent, Enrollment 1,661

“Bearacade is a device that people know how to intuitively use.  It is fast, effective, and easily identifiable.”

Fire Chief, Population 22,262