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Tennessee School Safety State Fire Marshal Guidance State of Tennessee State Fire Marshal Allowances and Guidance to local authorities.

2018 Federal Commission on School Safety. A report of policy recommendations presented December 18, 2018.

2010 ADA Standards. With Bearacade, there is no change to the door or doorframe. There is no hardware attached to a door.

Ohio House Bill 318 Funding Release. Detailed release from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office on funding awards.

Indicators of School Crime and Safety 2017. Source: National Center for Education Statistics

How Bearacade Works and Why. Understand how our minimal doorway preparation and no hardware approach works.

Product Comparison Sheet Here is a list of critical questions for you to consider.

Run! Bearacade! Fight! Your pathway of options and reactions during a hostile intruder event.

Safety Checkpoint – American School Board Journal, Oct. 2015

Barring Imminent Threats – Security Management Magazine, Oct. 2015

Protecting Mine and Yours – Christian School Products, Nov. 2015

FBI DHS Active Shooter Poster

FBI DHS Active Shooter Pocket Card

FBI DHS Active Shooter Booklet

The Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting – US Department of Education (2016 Edition)

Active Shooter Safety Considerations for Educators

Active Shooter Planning and Response in a Healthcare Setting

FBI Preventing Violent Extremism in Schools – FBI

Active Shooter Event Quick Reference Guide – US Department of Justice / FBI

Univ of Maryland Surviving an Active Shooter – University of Maryland

CalEMA Active Shooter Handbook – California Emergency Management Agency

Report of the Virginia Tech Review Panel presented to Governor Kaine, Commonwealth of Virginia

Safe Schools: A Best Practices Guide – Council of Educational Facilities Planners International

Workshop on School Safety, Codes and Security: Final Report – ©May 2015 National Fire Protection Association

New Jersey Barricading Memo

Michigan Barricading Code

Kansas Barricading Memo

Colorado Barricading Code

Reagir en cas dattaque terroristeReagir en cas dattaque terroriste

Deadliest US Mass Shootings: 1984 – 2015 – Los Angeles Times (Note: Chardon High School, Feb. 27, 2012 is not listed)

Sandy Hook Promise Say Something – Sandy Hook Promise

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