The citizen response BEFORE the good guys get there.

Bearacade® and B2™ product are products intended to slow or prevent an interior door from being opened during a hostile intruder incident when evacuation is not impossible or too dangerous to attempt.  That interior room now becomes your SAFE ROOM until the situation calms or comes to a conclusion.

Just like Fire Extinguishers and Pull Stations before the Fire Department arrives or an AED and EpiPen before the Ambulance/EMS arrive, Bearacade® is ready if needed – before Law Enforcement arrives.  Are you prepared?

We recommend that each user develop and follow their own Administrative Policies (school administration and local safety forces) as to the following:

    • • When the device can be handled/deployed, i.e. lockdown drills and actual lockdowns
    • • Who may handle/deploy the device
    • • Where the device is stored/mounted. Our recommendation is that the units are consistently placed in each room adjacent to the intended doors.
    • • The “All Clear” process, signalization, code word, or other communication that will be used for releasing/removing the devices.
    • • Other than classrooms and offices, which other possible shelter-in-place locations where the devices might be used

Products are purposefully designed to be administered under detailed and strict control protocols set forth by the purchaser.

The Bearacade® and B2™ products are designed for the rare, short-duration, high-casualty moment of a hostile intruder/active shooter when, at the discretion of the user, it is deemed to be safer to shelter in place than attempt evacuation.


  • External Notification Panel. No secret deployment to aid in harassment, bullying, or assault.  Quicker clearance of a hallway.  Quicker identification of problem areas.
  • No special knowledge or unique sequence to deactivate. Under duress, only one motion to switch from shelter-in-place to evacuation.
  • No tight pinching, grasping, or turning of the wrist needed.
  • One motion deactivation without special strength.  Pull the pin and go!
  • No alteration to the door or door frame. No compromise of the fire rating of the door.
  • Nothing permanently mounted. Nothing that would need to be encountered during normal operating conditions.
  • No trip hazard. No protruding hardware that would challenge ADA accessibility.
  • Ability to gain entry by administrators and safety forces.
  • Modification of Student Code of Conduct, Student Handbook, and/or Employee Handbook to reflect the importance of proper use and penalties for improper use.
  • In-Service Training and In-Service Record Keeping.

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