How the Bearacade and B2 Work

As an Automated External Defibrillator is to sudden cardiac arrest, a Fire Extinguisher is to fire, and an EpiPen® is to dangerous allergic reactions, Bearacade® is the civilian response to a hostile intruder before professional safety forces arrive.

How Bearacade Works and Why – A visual instruction page for Preparing Doorways.



  • Since this entire conversation is about TIME. The Bearacade units should be consistently placed throughout a building or campus adjacent to the intended door.  The units are typically hung on the wall with our L-shaped wall hanger hooks that allow for quick removal.
  • When a hostile intruder event or lockdown occurs, the first motion of the teacher should be toward the door to deploy the Bearacade.  Finding the device should not be a problem.  There should be not frantic searching.
  • Since the history of these bad events demonstrate the need to shelter in place in rooms that are not someone’s normal office or classroom, the locating of a device should be consistent throughout a building or campus.  Individuals may be heading toward lunch, recess, a classroom change, bathroom, or office visit.  The nearest protection area could be any classroom, office, or even a large storage closet.


  • Having students and employees show up one day with the devices in place without training is not recommended.
  • All faculty and staff should attend a thorough In-Service Training session to understand the storage, handling and deployment of the units.  Everyone attending the session should complete our In-Service Training Acknowledgement Form.  Administration should maintain our In-Service Training Log to record who attended, what questions were asked, and what materials were presented.
  • Take time to introduce the units to a classroom.  Pass it around.  Have anyone who wants to touch or handle it have that opportunity.  Answer questions.  Discuss the serious nature of the unit.
  • Then, place it on the wall with an emphasis on the penalties for misuse, tampering, or touching the unit without permission.
  • Incorporate our recommended Code of Conduct or Handbook language into your student, family, and employee handbooks.


  • When a hostile intruder event or lockdown is initiated, the first movement of the Adult Supervisor in Charge (or trained additional persons) should be to rapidly deploy the unit.  All other occupants of the room should move away from the door and to an area of cover and concealment.
  • Deploy the unit.  Turn off lights.  Quickly retreat to an area of cover and concealment.
  • Avoid noise or any disturbances.  Silence cell phones.  Listen and plan for next steps.
  • Next steps may be to evacuate via a window or outside door.  Consult with your safety officials and administration.


  • Since the situation may be quite fluid, be prepared to switch from shelter to evacuation quickly.
  • Deactivating Bearacade units is simply pulling the pin.  The unit is designed to glide with the door.  No need to do anything else with the unit.
  • The systematic clearing of a building can take hours.  For recommended clearing and deactivation suggestions, please contact us directly.  For safety reasons, we do not detail this in a public manner on this site or social media.
Deploys easily in 3 to 8 seconds.

Weighs just 2 pounds. Withstands 4,800lbf.

Impact, ballistic, and flammability tests show units remain functionally intact.

Safety forces and administration can gain entry.

One solution for inward/outward-swinging doors. Simple In-Service Training.

No permanently mounted hardware. Maintains fire rating of doorway. One motion deactivation.

External Notification Panel™ alerts & guides. No secret block to conceal bullying, assault, or harassment.

Selected BEST Physical Security Equipment by Campus Safety Magazine in 2014, 2015, and 2016!

An affordable solution for all organizations.

One part of a comprehensive plan. A valuable option.

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