Room Cleared Door Tags


(minimum order of 25 pieces)

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Room Cleared Door Tags are an effective and obvious way to communicate the condition of a room with administration and safety forces. Once a room is cleared for a fire drill, tornado drill, gas leak, or following a sweep of a building, the last person to evacuate a room can hang this easily noticed tag on the outside of the door to alert the authorities that this room has been cleared or emptied.

4.5” x 11” die-cut on Premium 90-pound glossy card stock. $1.00 each. Minimum order is 25 tags.  (Call toll-free at 1-855-350-2321 for volume pricing!) Bright red, yellow, and green in stock.  Both sides are identical in color and text for quick deployment without worry. Text on tags shown here below:


In the event of an evacuation of the building, after checking to ensure that all persons have evacuated this room, the last person leaving the room should place this card on the exterior handle of the room door.


This card will assist administration and safety forces in expediting the search of the building for individuals who did not or were unable to evacuate.

For orders in excess of 250 pieces, we can customize your Room Cleared Door Tags with your name or logo. Contact or call us at 855-350-2321.