External Building Safety Signs – Exterior Doors

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Since time is the most critical element in an emergency event, our External Building Safety Signage options can help more quickly identify and communicate precise areas of your building or campus.  For instance, main wing sections of your building typically receive an alphabetic designation, i.e. Wing A.  Exterior doorways may receive a number designation, i.e. Door 9.  Rooms with windows can receive a combination designation, i.e. B-102.  Without entering, responders will be able to orient themselves and better communicate positioning within and outside a structure.

Keep in mind, during an emergency, you will have neighboring mutual aid agencies responding who may not be familiar with your building, your operation, or your personnel.  Therefore, being able to provide directions and critical information should be simple, clear, and consistent.  For instance, you may need to relay information about a suspect who entered through door #9, or a student having difficulty in room C233, etc.

EXTERIOR DOORS:  Small Exterior Entrance Door Signs, 12” x 12” single-sided prints mounted on DIBOND® 3mm panel, laminated with 3M 8508 Intermediate Gloss.  DIBOND® is an aluminium composite panel for signage. DIBOND® was originally developed in 1992 by 3A Composites as one of the first aluminium composite material for the display and signage markets. Copy: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, …

For further safety precautions, we do not recommend window signs that explain the purpose of the room, the name of the teacher, the grade, or anything else that would help a perpetrator target an area.

Download Building and Window Signage Worksheet to help you develop your sign plan.  Return to receive a Custom Quotation and artwork proof.  Thank you.