Bearacade® fits quickly and easily on any interior door to prevent opening in either direction. The unit features a reflective External Notification Panel™ on the outer facing portion to alert and guide administrators and authorities that the device has been deployed. The B2™ unit is designed for use outside of the K-12 educational environment and is part of the safety response protocol for county courthouses, medical facilities, individual offices, churches, and other institutions.  Both create a short-term “safe room” in the event of a hostile intruder.

Once in place, the patent-pending Bearacade® can withstand more than 4,800 lbf. Lightweight, easy to store, and quick to deploy Bearacade® is ideal for classrooms, offices, doors without locks, many double doors, and other possible shelter-in-place locations within a building. Contact us today about the original Bearacade® or the new B2™!

Lightweight, easy to store and quick to deploy BEARACADE® is ideal for classrooms, offices, restrooms, doors without locks, and any other place of possible shelter.

Contact us today about the original BEARACADE® or the new B2™.  Are you prepared?

B2™ for Inward-Swinging Doors Outside of the K-12 Environment


Bearacade® Testing

Impact, Ballistic, and Flammability Testing

Bearacade® Doorway Preparation

No mounted hardware.  No alteration of door or door frame.  No core-drilling through fire-rated doors.  No permanently attached secondary lock or latch.  No trip hazard.  Preparation means it will only work on the doors you choose … and only in the direction you choose.  See video below, you can download our Doorway Preparation Instructions Bearacade® Preparation Process 2016.

The Bearacade Story

From inception, the Bearacade® team worked closely with professionals from fire, police, school administration, manufacturing, and vocational training.  The story and case study of Bearacade® is featured in this video presentation.

The Ultimate School Safety Telesummit by Guardian Defense

Guardian Defense produced and Steve Smith hosted a comprehensive series of 30 minute features on topics affecting school safety.  Guest experts addressed such topics as bullying, threat assessment, school resource officers, and staff training.  Bearacade® founder Bill Cushwa was an invited guest on the topic of sheltering in place and barricading classrooms and offices.  You can listen to Steve Smith’s interview with Bill here:


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